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Enjoy a happier, healthier, win-win relationship.

Getting Your Man to Change: Influencing Skills for Women is a powerful and effective book to help women have much more influence with the man in their life. Yes, men can change and
improve, but your approach with him matters a good deal towards whether
or not he will do so.  

With the ideas in this book, you can learn how to become much more influential and persuasive to help promote his positive changes. This information is helpful for current relationships, for future relationships, and to better understand and effectively deal with men in general. 

Available in both audio and eBook formats for your convenience.  

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  • "I love that this book is a quick read with a lot of information given. I really enjoyed and have
    started employing the six things men need."


  • “I really like how basic and simple this is!! even if you have never read any articles on
    communication or differences between genders, you can follow this AND have success!!”

    Pamela C

  • “The book contains valuable insights into how a man thinks, processes, and ultimately acts
    when it comes to relationships.”


  • Getting Your Man To Change Package

    Your purchase includes the following five downloads:Getting Your Man to Change:

    • Influencing Skills for Women Audiobook in MP3
    • Getting Your Man to Change: Influencing Skills for Women eBook in PDF
    • Getting Your Man to Change: Influencing Skills for Women in ePub
    • “Keeping the Ball and Chain Happy” Article in PDF
    • 101 Positive Reinforcers with Men in PDF

In the book you’ll learn the following important and useful information:

  • What men want most in relationships and what truly motivates them (“carrots”).
  • What men don’t want to deal with in relationships that also motivates them (“sticks”).
  • The two different kinds of motivation: natural versus conditioned reinforcement.
  • How to assertively state what you want in an effective way that men will be motivated by and respond to, based on either positive reinforcement or negative consequences.
  • Common phases of resistance to change that men may give before complying to requests.
  • Skills for how to most effectively deal with and respond to his resistance to change.
  • How to reinforce his positive changes over time.
  •  The kinds of men that are the most difficult to influence.
  • Alternative ways to deal with and be more effective with the most challenging kinds of men.
  • References to many outside resources beyond this book to become as healthy and effective and possible with the relationships in your life.
  • Thorough answers to all of the most common questions, concerns, and issues women have as they learn and implement the ideas from this book.
  • Overall, you’ll learn what primarily motivates men, along with specific skills to help him change, improve, try harder, treat you better, and make more efforts in the relationship.

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Dr. Randy Gilchrist is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed marriage & family therapist in private practice in Roseville, CA, USA. He has been practicing psychotherapy since 1997 with individuals, couples, families, and groups for a variety of personal and relational issues. He has been married since 1996 and has 4 sons. For questions, comments, or to give testimonials, he can be reached at